Quantum Reflex Analysis
when used with Bodyscan2010,
or SpectraVision, successor to Bodyscan,
yields the most accurate biofeedback imaginable.

Alter the course of your life with the best information of YOUR life.

The Psychology of Longevity addresses Q-R-A here,
and includes a few vastu links further down the page.

What is Q-R-A?

Q-R-A is Quantum Reflex Analysis, also known as just plain QRA, is a one-second test, university-proven, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of any and every gland, organ, tissue in the body. Q-R-A is a bidigital test: You use two fingers held in a circle. It is far more accurate than a thousand medical diagnosticians taking guesses. Anyone seeking to refute this speaks from nothing but ignorance, because Q-R-A has proven accurate just in Dr. Cohen's offices many thousands of times in a row. These results are duplicable by approximately one hundred percent of all humans, so any putative "naysayers" are pre-proven to be wrong - every time!     Quantum Reflex Analysis is among the most perfect of sciences.

When the most time-proven therapies of our forefathers are married to modern technologies, systematic analysis of the body's quantum biofield, as defined by Dr. Bob Marshall and Dr. Linda Forbes, becomes literal child's play, combining the oldest and newest technologies in existence.

Approximately one hundred percent of us can learn how to do Q-R-A testing, and quickly, too!
Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes are already responsible for many of the most outstanding detoxification and nutrition and other breakthroughs of and for the 21st century. Quantum Reflex AnalysisTM is proving to be the most comprehensive clinical tool to identify and perform the most rapid resolution of even the most chronic of conditions. The Psychology of Longevity wants to make it eminently clear that this is not possible by any other identified or developed methodology.

Quantum Reflex AnalysisTM and Bodyscan and Ondamed have become mainstays of our practice thanks to their proven ability to access and analyze the body's biofield to identify weaknesses and strengths. Biofeedback therapy is moving ahead observably faster than anything being used clinically from the medical field.

Q-R-A, first innovated by Dr. Bob Marshall, is a method of assessment that tests energy levels of glands, organs, and tissue. More, (unlike kinesiology) Q-R-A accurately assesses communications between the brain and all of the body's organs, glands, and tissues. When you can immediately identify a suppressed or depressed immune system, or dental issues, or nerve issues, even emotional issues, you know that you have hit the proverbial home run. This approach to improving so dramatically on kinesiological testing makes use of the body's known and proven meridians to rapidly identify the body's weaknesses and imbalances so that you can then identify the specific nutrients needed to restore balnce.

Q-R-A even measures with delightful and immediate exactitude how much of the nutrition, most commonly in supplement form, is needed to effect the return to balance. Unlike most everything we find in the allopathic fields, no waiting is necessary, no accepting of someone else's words with respect to probabilities of response. Q-R-A works for everyone, it's just that simple.

When you are in the best of health, the electrical frequencies of your tissues, organs and glands, though distinct and unique, operate most intelligently and efficaciously when they work together properly. When any field of the body is weakened by disease, toxins, electrical interference, or mechanical trauma, the energetic frequency of that field is impaired, and the strength and integrity of these areas can be instantly observed by Q-R-A.

Q-R-A is based on empirical observations in quantum energy and the emerging field of quantum physics. Dr. Bob Marshall has had great success with seemingly serious, chronic, even terminal conditions, and he teaches the Q-R-A technique across the country to health practitioners.

Dr. Marshall all over the world online, and broadcasts across the country on his Healthline radio programs six days a week. He presents, usually in the first few minutes of Healthline each answers nutritional questions and his insight is appreciated and his suggestions followed by thousands of people. For a listing of the radio programs and times, please call our office.

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How does Q-R-A work?

Q-R-A Practitioners use the Biofield as a template to identify and eliminate stressors that have reduced or depressed the body’s own powerful healing systems.

By relying on your brain’s feedback mechanisms, we can identify specific organs and systems within your body that are functioning at less than optimal frequencies. Once we determine where your body is stressed and energy-compromised, we can offer solutions that can detoxify, nourish and support your body on many levels.

Through Quantum Reflex Analysis, we can determine how to reduce the "static" in your biofield through techniques such as mudpacking, clearing hidden infections including those in the teeth, and eliminating interference fields caused from scars and trauma sites. This method often uncovers underlying components in serious conditions and, once these are addressed, allows the body to return to health. Across the country, Q-R-A practitioners have amazing testimonies and we are grateful that we can offer this technique to you.

Now more than ever, it is possible to release your body’s own internal, powerful, God-given ability to speed up healing, renewal and regeneration. Practitioners trained in Q-R-A use this technique to define and eliminate stressors that have depressed your body's healing systems that were created to bring you endurance, vitality and Longevity.

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How can Q-R-A help me? - What are Q-R-A benefits?

Quantum Reflex Analysis stands alone in providing an accurate assessment of your Biofield.
It locates areas within your body that may be weak or dysfunctional,
determines the relationship between your Biofield,
your brain, and your organs and glands, and pinpoints steps to permanently clear disruptive, stagnate places within your Biofield.

    Q-R-A offers:

  • A comprehensive health-care approach
  • Immediate response assessments

  • Integration of practices including Oriental Medicine, Herbology,
    Applied Kinesiology, Biochemical Clinical Nutrition, and Homeopathy, and ancient detoxification therapies

  • A technique to locate the body’s weaknesses
  • A way to determine nutritional formulas that support your body
  • Understanding of techniques that can systematically clear and rebuild your body’s integrity

Note: Q-R-A does not reveal disease and an appointment doesn’t lead to a diagnosis. While the technique can reveal some current conditions and stress affecting body systems, it is most useful for prevention and long-term health.

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Quantum Reflex Analysis

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What can I learn from Q-R-A? - - What can Q-R-A show?

What if there was a way your body could quickly repair a damaged organ or rejuvenate itself at an accelerated rate?
What if you could regain peak mental and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill and fatigued for years? Today, many scientists believe the secrets of regeneration and healing lie not within costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments, but within the body's own Biofield.

Quantum Reflex Analysis can be used to see:

  • Areas of weakness within the body
  • How your body responds to supplements
  • How your body responds to individual foods
  • What your body is weakened by (allergies, toxins, etc)
  • How lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc., affect your body
  • What specific things build your body so that rapid recovery can take place
  • Ask your Q-R-A practitioner great questions to obtain great answers

When the Biofield is restored and fully functional,

a thimble full of nutrients can do the work that previously,

a wheelbarrow full could not.

--Dr. Robert Marshall

Note: With Q-R-A, we don’t need to know a medical term to determine which areas of the body are weak. We can identify these areas through historically proven and medically accepted points on the body. You use these same points to determine very precisely which nutrients are deficient, and most likely to rapidly restore balance, or what Dr. Marshall describes as coherence, referring to the coherence of energy flow to and through any tissue, organ, or gland. The word “analysis” most accurately describes a Q-R-A session; hence the term "quantum reflex analysis." Wise is the person who exchanges guesses for such undiluted accuracy.

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Why would an organ or gland test weak with Q-R-A?

 A body’s organ or gland could test weak for a range of different reasons:

  • Interference fields, caused by any kind of trauma, including scars, air-bag deployments,
    sprains, breaks, fractures, collisions, falls, puncture wounds, or anything exceptionally stressful.
  • If your vagus nerve function is impaired
  • If you have a dental infections that may be affecting a specific organ or gland
  • If you have stress in your body coming from parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, etc.
    These can create a toxic burden on your system that your body cannot sustain.

When you stop to consider the virtually incessant stress placed upon our bodies, when you try to count the tens of thousands of toxins of every imaginable permutation (and beyond), it is easier to grasp why superior nutrition becomes the obvious choice in promoting optimal health and useful Longevity. Whether you consult a trained Q-R-A practitioner, especially those couple or few dozen who are counted among the best Q-R-A practitioners, or whether you choose to learn Quantum Reflex Analysis for yourself (first learning the simple B-DORT, the bidigital o-ring test patented by Dr. Omura), the Psychology of Longevity perfervidly urges you to learn this fantastically simple, undeniably accurate tool, because Q-R-A is in fact a clinical tool that most EVERY human can develop skill in. Remember that every single facet of Q-R-A is repeatedable. That is perfect science, is it not? Repeatable, again and again, with identical or near-identical results tens and hundreds of thousands of times in a row, most especially when practiced by a well-trained Q-R-A practitioner. Knowing why an organ or gland or other tissue tests weak can be a life-saver, in more than one meaning of "life-saver."

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Quantum Reflex Analysis

Links For Quantum Reflex Analysis Websites

Learn how to do QRA testing yourself!! Start with QRA.bidigitally.com

    QRA.Me       QRA.name       q-r-a.com

How does Q-R-A differ from kinesiology?

Kinesiology tests the strength of muscles. QRA tests electrical connectivity and flow-through, many, many times more accurate and immediate than any putatively "conventional" testing done in facilities all across the country, facilities where results are rarely ever positive.

Quantum Reflex Analysis is based on the Omura Bi-digital O-Ring Muscle Reflex Test, university-proven testing technique of medically accepted reflex points. When you are testing the electrical strength or weakness, it is not the same as purely mechanical as with muscle. Q-R-A as a form of muscle testing is simple enough, and yet proven in dozens of research studies to be reliable and accurate. There is no way a patent would have been granted to Dr. Omura unless quantum reflex analysis fits the fullest measure of "university proven."

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How long has Q-R-A been used?

Quantum Reflex Analysis is the result of more than 30 years of intense research and development by Dr. Bob Marshall, combined with many years of contributions from Dr. Linda Forbes, a woman of rare brilliance and mastery of multiple disciplines, as Dr. Marshall has certainly proven to be.

As the founder of Premier Research Labs, Dr. Marshall has introduced dozens of innovations either never seen before, or, even more impressively in several of his lines of production, not seen in dozens of centuries.

As well, Bob Marshall is a certified and internationally trained clinical nutritionist, and holds a PhD in biochemistry. He is past president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, is still a member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and continues to host HealthLine Live, a radio broadcast program aired continuously since 1986. HealthLine Live currently airs in more than a dozen states, and can be heard all around the world by internet. Dr. Marshall is also the author of many research papers and articles containing information that staggers even the most educated mind. His tiny efforts in dentistry are nothing less than revolutionary, and instantly beneficial.

For several decades, Dr. Marshall has operated one of the largest chronic illness practices in both Texas and Southern California. Currently his main activities include overseeing Premier Research Lab's manufacturing of products that have never been proven to have equal, far exceeding industry standards and expectations, along with his duties writing, teaching professional seminars, and continuing to make scientific breakthroughs that are very likely to earn Nobel Prize(s) for Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes.

It is worth noting that, along with Dr. Marshall, a growing number of pioneering scientists, including Nobel Laureates and other brilliant people, not least of whom was Professor Albert Fritz-Popp, have indisputably proven the human body’s biofield patterns to be most closely associated with healing and regeneration. NO CHANGE TAKES PLACE IN THE BODY UNTIL AFTER A CHANGE IN THE ELECTRICAL BIOFIELD.   Dr. Marshall estimates that the influence of the biofield, particularly with respect to interference fields caused by injury and trauma, represent a bit more of an influence on our health and Longevity than even nutrition can have.

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How do you use Q-R-A in your practice?

Quantum Reflex Analysis is one of many naturopathic disciplines clearly mastered by Dr. Cohen. By using Q-R-A after a Bodyscan biofeedback session, Dr. Cohen has proven to be correct thousands of times in a row. By using multiple approaches simultaneously, you mathematically multiply the probabilities of your self-recovery. "Thousands of times in a row" is a powerful claim and statement. Using Q-R-A along with Bodyscan2010, Ondamed, and others, has proven to be a significant leap forward. Adding the finest nutritional formulas from around the world to your rapidly-effective detoxification techniques means better and faster results thanks to the precision of Dr. Cohen's multi-level approaches.

A trained Q-R-A practitioner addresses multiple areas:

    Get to the Real Root of the Problem - Quantum Reflex AnalysisTMstands head and shoulders above other therapies in its ability to identify and eliminate the "root of the root" cause of illness - whether acute or chronic. Q-R-A can help pinpoint the type of support needed for kidney issues, liver issues, circulation, digestion, etc.

  1. Interference Fields

  2. Interference Fields (IFs) can be created from scar or trauma sites. Because this silently but relentlessly disrupts the energetic field of the body, the advanced Quantum Reflex AnalysisTMpractitioner aims to eliminate them as quickly as possible. If these IFs are overlooked, clinical results can be severely limited. To erase these IFs, various therapeutic techniques are used to restore normal nerve and energy flow. This also helps to restore quantum coherence to the body's biofield, enhancing recovery.

  3. Emotional Re-polarization

  4. Using the technology of the Emotional Re-polarization Technique (ERT), the Quantum Reflex AnalysisTMpractitioner can identify and reset negative thought patterns that are impeding the client's healing and recovery. This easy-to-use technique can be key in reaching recovery.

  5. EMF Stress
  6. Another critical healing component offered with advanced trained Q-R-A practitioners is remediating Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs. The effects of EMF pollution may be more destructive than even the chemical pollution of our air, water and food. This form of stress, often found both inside and outside the home, can be a critically overlooked factor in keeping the chronically ill patient from recovery. Examples of EMF stress that can block healing include: Electrical currents, cell phones, cell phone towers, wi-fi, computer and laptop use, and more.

  7. Energetics of the Home and Office
  8. The advanced Q-R-ATM practitioner is educated in how to use advanced technologies to remediate quantum-state energetics. The difference is noticeable, and quickly.

    This is an irrefutably potent approach to crafting a healthier environment both inside and outside any home or office - even those that are badly depolarized. These Q-R-A techniques are based on the methods of vastu that have been used through many centuries to improve the energetics of living space. Make no mistake: Remediating and building vastu is a key foundation in creating continued prosperity, success, and premier health. The Psychology of Longevity cannot express in strong enough words how utterly top-drawer is this set of innovations from Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes.

Q-R-A is natural, simple, safe, non-invasive, university-proven, and time-tested, providing assistance to even the most stubborn cases where other techniques, approaches, treatments all failed to provide sufficient relief.

Quantum Reflex Analysis continues to advance Dr. Cohen's truly breath-taking breakthroughs. When you get instant proof of this man's rare and special application of Dr. Marshall's, and Dr. Forbes' Q-R-A innovations, you can hardly turn into a naysayer. Proof is proof is proof. Instantly identify the glands, organs, tissue that are responding weakly, and identify how to immediately remediate the weakness. Life-strengthening supplements, superior nutrients, are like icing on the cake, because modest amounts of these supplements do far more work than they could before you remediate identified interference fields. Instantly know what is going to strengthen or weaken glands, organs, tissue.

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Quantum Reflex Analysis

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What do other practitioners say about Q-R-A?

Across the United States, thousands of people are finding relief from their symptoms with Q-R-ATM process and the world-class premier products coming out of Dr. Marshall's facilities in Texas. Here are just a sampling of quotes by other Q-R-A practitioners:

"Quantum Reflex Analysis delivers a whole new health paradigm which dramatically raised my own level of health as well as made it possible for me to successfully treat cases I could never help before." -- Beth Shirley, Registered Pharmacist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist

"These techniques have profoundly amplified the scope of clinical response, accelerating results, deepening effects, and have worked consistently well. It would be called magic if it were not explained by quantum physics." -- Stuart White, Chiropractor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist

"I am writing to tell you how happy I am using Premier products. I get results with my patients two to three times faster than before." -- Janice M. Piro, Chiropractor

"Dr. Marshall has put together the most comprehensive and helpful paradigm for clearing chronic and acute illness." -- Laura Marshall, CA

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#What happens in a Q-R-A session?

Before beginning your QRA appointment, you will be receive some forms to fill out and I ask that you complete these and return them to the office so I can prepare for your appointment. At the beginning of your appointment, we discuss these forms and cover any questions that may come up.

During the Quantum Reflex Analysis session, you take an active role in this analysis. Together we work our way through the appropriate acupressure points to locate low-energy areas. Once the weak areas are detected, we determine which specific actions will best strengthen and restore vitality in these areas. Our recommendations are usually a combination of advanced detoxification methods, nutritional supplementation, super food concentrates, and other health-building practices.

If you have a condition that you want to deal with, and you don't want to waste time wondering what to do, encourage yourself to have a Quantum Reflex Analysis consultation with a qualified QRA practitioner.

Initial Quantum Reflex Analysis sessions are scheduled for 30 to 60 minutes and sometimes take longer. Sessions with children generally take less time.

Follow-up sessions are usually no more than half an hour.

It is our mutual responsibility to observe the length of time your consultation uses up. Although I am willing to answer your questions and glad to help, it naturally extends the length of your consultation. The more questions you ask, the longer the QRA session ends up taking. If you wish to remain within a particular time limit, do not be bashful. Speak up at the beginning of your QRA session begins so that we can be extra careful.

Nutritional supplements and detoxification supplies are usually recommended in a Quantum Reflex Analysis session and their costs are in addition to your appointment fees.

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How much does a Q-R-A session cost?

Quantum Reflex Analysis sessions are scheduled with Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, a level III Quantum Reflex Analysis referred practitioner.
Sessions for Bodyscan and QRA are billed at $144 for the first half hour. The next half hour is Dr. Cohen's gift when he deems it to be needed.

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How do we make contact with Dr. Cohen?

 How To Get In Touch

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Quantum Reflex Analysis

Links For Quantum Reflex Analysis Websites

Qci.Me             QuantumReflexAnalysis.com

Q-R-A is Quantum Reflex Analysis, innovated by Dr. Bob Marshall in either Austin or Round Rock, Texas,
Dr Linda Forbes, also in the Dallas or Austin or Round Rock region, meritable candidate for Nobel prize(s),
QRA expanded magnificently by Dr David Cohen, expands Omura bi-digital o-ring BDORT to pinpoint energy disruption.
Best quantum reflex analysis (QRA) practitioners from Texas to New York and Alaska.

Q-R-A, acronym for Quantum Reflex Analysis, bidigital o-ring, BDORT, one-second test, QRA, Austin, Texas,
Yoshiaki Omura, Bob Marshall, Dallas, Austin, Texas, Linda Forbes, David Cohen, Brooklyn, New York, Queens.

Q-R-A, BDORT, Bi-digital (bidigital) O-rye test, Quantum, Reflex, Analysis, practitioners, QRA, New York, Brooklyn, NY Q-R-A, Texas, NJ, Dr, David Cohen, quantum reflex analysis, best, New Jersey, Q-R-A, naturopathic, natural, help, quantum, reflex, analysis, biofield, quantum physics, biofield, body energy, quantum energy, body frequencies, electromagnetic, biofield, Yoshiaki, Omura, university-proven, bidigital o-ring, Dr Bob Marshall, Texas, Dr Linda Forbes, Dr, David, Cohen, New York, QRA practitioners, best qra, self-help, natural, naturopathic specialists in Brookly, New York, NY, New Jersey, NJ, thanks to the genii of Texas, Dr. Robert (Bob) Marshall, and Dr. Linda Forbes, possibly the greatest vastu experts on earth. Even if you live in Dallas or Austin, Texas, you need QCI and QRA.
Learn these two magnificent bits of ancient vastu married to modern technology.. the best of Texas, not just Austin.

Q-R-A Is Quantum Reflex Analysis - Presented By The Psychology of Longevity

Quantum Reflex Analysis, now proven many tens of thousands of times.   The more educated you are, the more astounded you are likely to be.

Used together with Bodyscan2010 or SpectraVision, Quantum Reflex Analysis proves to be the most comprehensive clinical tool encountered or developed thus far. Medical doctors who care more for service than for money are going to snap Q-R-A up once they understand it.

Nearly a thousand naturopaths and perhaps a couple of hundred medical doctors are developing their greatest skills with Q-R-A

Dr. Cohen has repeatedly advanced, and further developed, the works of Dr. Omura and Dr. Marshall. Nothing in the world can measure up to Q-R-A, because quantum reflex analysis is non-invasive and instantaneously proven. Proof is proof, after all. Because of the technologies that Dr. Cohen adds in, your prospects of success are higher with this truly outstanding Q-R-A practitioner.

Quantum Reflex Analysis Is The Wave

QRA Means More Quantum Reflex Analysis Hotlinks and Practitioners

QRA.Me - QRA Is An Acronym For Quantum Reflex Analysis - Certain to change everything
QRA.name - Everyone who learns Q-R-A tends to be glad they did, for their own quantum sake
- Another health website with Quantum Reflex Analysis self-education
QuantumReflexAnalysis.com - Round out your Q-R-A by learning how to perform Quantum Reflex Analysis
- Psychology of Longevity wants YOU to have great info on Quantum Reflex Analysis
QuantumReflexAnalysis.info - with yet more information on Quantum Reflex Analysis for you to learn, live, give more
beam.to/Quantum Reflex Analysis - Title says it best, so beam yourself over to this beam.to quantum reflex analysis page

In Person, By Phone, or Photo
Special online combination when you call to ask for your appointment:

QVial contents are the world's first provably supercharged minerals.   Get the "wow" effect.
Contents of the QVial are expected to last forever, and can never be irradiated or magnetized.
Qvials are among the true hypergenius Psychology of Longevity innovations & inventions

Expert Q-R-A Practitioners Start With Dr David Cohen
"Help yourself... to heal yourself."
All of the expert Q-R-A practitioners tend to be happy to teach you quantum reflex analysis for your own use.
The skillset you develop just by learning this magnificent one-second bidigital test tends to change everything.
Be quite clear: The Psychology of Longevity believes that YOU learning quantum reflex analysis is a strict priority.
Even as it works against the income of Q-R-A practitioners to teach you quantum reflex analysis, they still seem willing.
Why do you think this is so? Are you familiar with people who put the interests of service ahead of their own income streams?
Quantum reflex analysis is going to change the world of health and nutrition forever, because it works approximately every time.
So, again, you are urged by the Psychology of Longevity to learn quantum reflex analysis for yourself, so you can use it forever.
Thanks so much to Dr. Omura for the bidgital o-ring test, and to Dr.'s Bob Marshall and Linda Forbes for the precision of Q-R-A
You cannot learn less about anything, so you are urged to add to your Longevity by learning use of quantum reflex analysis.

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Quantum Reflex Analysis

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Thank you, Texas, thank you, Texas, for expanding, to the world, QRA
To Dr. Forbes and Dr. Marshall, residing in Texas or from away from Texas,
your innovations, past Quantum Reflex Analysis, such as DHLA and much more,
humanity owes to you a big debt for your multiplication of Yoshikio Omura's work:
Look how you transmogrified the bidigital o-ring test) BDORT into the usable QRA

The Avenue Of Acceleration and QRA Way - QRA Healing are pleased to appreciate YOU.